26 Mar 2015

Great News for Webmasters: Google to Be More Responsive To Reconsideration Requests

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Pretty sure!!! Every internet user, must have been using experienced google as the most recommended and the most useful Serach Engine Optimization tool. But during this session, have you increasingly explored your website being reprimanded by Google with the message being displayed that for now you have had far too many website links sprinkled all over the online world? And after this message has appeared have you continually sent request to Google for reconsideration for lifting the consequence of your website links? Question and consideration regarding to this issue is this at the moment that have those requests being replied? Any strong action has been taken against these requests, have those requests gone unanswered, unrequited? Well, you aren’t alone in your plight.

But in this digital era we all have observed a good change. Specially for the website owners and Search Engine Optimization professionals. Request Reconsidering methodology, by google has been started this year 2014. The giants and the owners of the  search engines seems to be fulfilling their duties quite efficiently and they actually provide serious hard workers on its part to make certain that the electronic mails they received from the website owners should get their proper attention and senders, with a valuable reply from the Google’s end.

Evidently, this is the best news considered to be for the webmasters of the world who invest for availing the SEO services for website development and to increase its position in the market and  along with this they work for the guest post published on third party websites. While the owners have this mind set that by doing this particular activity they might make  them vulnerable to penalty, at times, In churning out backlinks, SEO team is quite busy that they fail to measure the quality of the website they are posting on. So, Now Google has made it easy for the webmasters, this new expansion designated is that  they can get a kind of response from Google that guides them on how to undo it.

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